About Pool Leaf & Safety Covers, LLC

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Pool Leaf & Safety Covers LLC

Pool Leaf & Safety Covers  is family run business owned by Basil Bates and his wife Grace who originally came from a pioneering farming family from Zimbabwe, Africa and immigrated to the United State with their two sons in 2002. They were given the opportunity to get into the pool safety business shortly after arriving and have a have particular passion for pool safety after some tragic consequences involving close friends children and a near tragedy with their eldest son.

“We take pool safety very seriously”, he says. “We have no doubt that our pool safety nets and removable fences have helped save countless lives over the past several years!” Basil also helps pool owners take life a bit easier with their customized pool leaf covers.

Leaf Covers are custom made to fit the shape of your pool therefore providing the ultimate solution for keeping leaves and debris out of your pool.

In Memory of Peter Starling (1945 – 2015) (Gulf Stream Covers, LLC)

None of this would be possible for a new immigrant without the help and assistance of special people. My sister and late brother-in-law Peter Starling were instrumental in enabling us to get to the United States and they, their friends and business connections saw us employed soon after our arrival. They gave us the opportunity to get started in our new country. Now we are proud and gratefully United States Citizens. Rest in peace Pete – a life well lived.