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How We Install.

  1. Everything’s done at your home or location. So you can watch. And be satisfied.
  2. Anchor holes for net, cover or fence posts are drilled.
  3. We use high-end equipment with no hammer action that could crack or damage your deck.
  4. We use a diamond core drill, which consists of a drill bit tube embedded with diamonds on the cutting edge.
  5. Drill is water flushed.
  6. Anchors are set in place. Installation done! One day!
  7. Turnkey installation on leaf covers. All manufacturing, including stitching, is done at your home or location.
  8. This gives us the fastest turnaround time for a custom leaf cover.
  9. We’ll show you how to use all our products. We don’t leave until you’re comfortable with the whole process.
  10. We’ll leave you instructions—laminated, so you can keep them by the pool for easy reference.
  11. 10-Year Warranty. In your hands. Before we leave.
  12. Continued support. We want you to be cool and have peace of mind, so if you have questions, just call. We not only have answers, we provide service after the sale. In fact, we take great pride in taking great care of you!

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