Sure you want a safe pool—who doesn’t? But wouldn’t it be really nice to have a clean pool at the same time? You bet! But, “How?” you ask. Well, at Pool Leaf & Safety Covers, we have just the thing for you. We call it our Custom Combination Pool Cover, or “combo” for short.

The nickname may be short, but there’s nothing short about this ultimate one-two punch that makes your pool safe for your children and pets, while keeping leaves and debris out. (And that might also keep your neck in joint!)

Custom-fitted to the shape of your pool, the pool safety net is the same ASTM-F-1346-91 net we use as our stand-alone product. We attach the same top quality leaf catcher over the net to keep your pool free of leaves, seeds, and debris, while allowing rainwater to pass through to the pool. Fitting tightly over your pool and rock features, raised spas, and other landscaping features is usually no problem. Our easy-on/easy-off placement and removal system makes it possible for one person to remove the combo cover.

The cover part of our Custom Combination Pool Covers by Pool Leaf & Safety Covers is available in classic black or pool water green. The net part of our combos is available in classic black or cool pool blue.

You’ll love our prices because they’re low. We back up our claims to quality with a 10-year warranty, so we think you’ll probably love that too.

If you’d like the peace of mind of a truly safe pool, blended with the joy of saving yourself a lot of pool clean-out expense, while saving your pool from damaging debris, click here for a free quote.