Get Ultimate Solution With Custom Pool Covers In Plano TX

Pool Leaf and Safety Covers provide a  one stop solution to your worries for having a safe and clean pool where your adorable children and cute pets are danger free. These custom pool covers in Plano TX provide complete protection to your pool. The covers are intelligently designed and manufactured for keeping all the debris and leaves out of your pool leaving it completely clean and safe. We strive to provide our customers with quality ensured pool covers at budgeted and affordable rates. The covers are designed in such way that they catch the leaves, debris and seeds. At the same time, they allow rainwater to enter the pool without any garbage and debris.

As the custom pool covers in Plano TX keep your pool free from seeds, leaves and debris, you save a lot of pennies that are spent to repair the damaged pumps and plaster stains. They ideally fit over your pool irrespective of its size and there is no problem regarding raised spas and rock features etc. Apart from that, the easy-on/off feature to install and remove the system allows you to replace or remove the pool cover in minutes. They also add to the beauty and charm of your pool as the covers are available in water green and classic black.

Some of the features of custom pool covers in Plano TX are enlisted as below:

  • Anchors are of solid brass thus keeping the cover in the right place.
  • They are made from polyethylene mesh material which is UV stabilized ensuring long-lasting quality and beauty.
  • They are double-stitched with marine grade thread to maintain stability
  • The connectors are made from durable stainless steel giving strength for strong holding.
  • System with easy on/off removal and placement.
  • Imported directly to you; thus available at great prices.