Acquire Superior Quality Of Pool Safety Equipment In Dallas TX

Every individual installs a distinctive swimming pool at their house to add outstanding beauty to the home. Besides this, owning a swimming pool at home can provide you a distinctive opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy your leisure time. You can organize various pool parties at your home with your friends and relatives. To ensure perfect maintenance of your swimming pool, we would like to introduce ourselves as a leading organization for pool cleaning solutions. Pool leaf and Safety Covers offers an outstanding variety of Pool Safety Equipment in Dallas TX.

We have been working in pool safety covers since 2002. Our major aim is to ensure a superior level of cleanliness as well as safety of your pool. Irrespective of the type of pool you own, we provide extremely customized solutions of pool covers and safety equipment to ensure long lasting enjoyment of your pool.

Swimming pools can prove to be dangerous for your infant children and pets if you have not taken necessary precautions. Our outstanding variety of Pool Safety Equipment in Dallas TX allows you to choose the safety cover that best meets your needs and protects children and pets. By installing our pool safety nets in your swimming pool, you can significantly reduce the chances of children drowning in the pool.

We offer a wide  variety of pool safety nets for any style or shape of pool. All our safety nets meet the  superior level of standards as set by ASTM F-1346-91(2010). The safety net material is a polyethylene weave featuring 3 ½ inch squares to prevent even the smallest infant head from going through.  No Child has ever drown in a pool covered with a Pool safety Net installed.The net is certified to hold up to 485 lbs. without breaking.

We have a team of highly trained technicians which install your pool safety net, fitting it to any pool configuration. Little effort is required to place and remove the net due to the easy on/off ratchet and roll-up system.

You can learn more about our pool safety nets and/ or schedule a consultation by contacting us through our website or call us in the DFW area at 214-762-1804.