Be Informed.

We want you to be informed about pool safety and pool care. Life is already challenging enough! Swimming pools were meant to be fun, but unless you are adequately informed, that fun can turn into a nightmare. So be sure to pop by from time to time to see what new bit of information we’ll be passing on to you next!

To start you off, here are some ways to increase pool safety and reduce pool stress:

  • Pool Safety Nets—These nets keep a person or pet up to 450 pounds off the water! If you can’t get wet, you can’t drown.
  • Removable Safety Fences—We make them removable to prevent climbing. These fences are sturdy, though, and they are an excellent layer of protection around your pool, especially when you want to keep the pool open for use.
  • Leaf Covers—Custom fitted to keep leaves that clog drains and stain your pool out of your pool! Now you can rest easy and write off one less chore with your beautiful new leaf cover. Available in either green or black.
  • Custom Combination Covers—Putting the best of two worlds together: Safety + Pool Care and Convenience. Nets keep people and pets out of the water. Covers, also able to sustain up to 450 pounds, keep leaves out of the water and drains. But don’t go bouncing around on the covers only; you will get wet! Just remember, covers protect the pool from leaves and damaging debris. Nets protect your children and pets from the risk of falling into the pool.

In the meantime, welcome to our new site and our new blog. If you ever have any questions about anything we do, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy swimming!