Pool Fences

During the warmer months, you want to be able to keep you pool fairly open for frequent use. Yet you don’t want to lose the safety features that keep your pool a pleasure and not a peril. That’s where Removable Safety Fences by Pool Leaf & Safety Covers come in mighty handy!


Removable Safety Fences by Pool Leaf & Safety Covers are durable see-through removable pool safety fences that create a safety barrier around your swimming pool.

How safe are they?

Our removable safety pool fences meet ASTM Standard F2286-05. The 1″ extruded aluminum poles with double-bar bracing are the strongest aluminum poles in the industry and these are the poles we insert 33″ apart into the deck.

None of our fences blew over during Hurricane Ike!

Really! Tell me more!

The poles are powder-coated to ensure that new look for years to come. There are 6 poles in a section. Each section attaches to the next section with a stainless connector. They come with padlocks for maximum safety. The mesh material is top-grade vinyl-coated polyester. The top and bottom is finished with military-grade webbing, secured with four lines of marine stitching. A self-closing, self-latching gate is available. This gate uses Tru-Turn spring-loaded hinges and a Magna-Latch; both products have won international acclaim for design. We have taken no shortcuts in the construction of this safety fencing; yet, being factory-direct to you, we are very price competitive.

How does the removable safety fence work?

1 ¼” holes are drilled into the deck with a diamond core drill to ensure a clean cut and injection molded inserts are fitted. When the pool safety fence is removed, the holes are capped with deck plugs. We offer an optional self-closing, self-latching gate, featuring Tru-Close hinges and a Magna-Latch. The latch is also key lockable. If there is no solid deck to install into, we pour concrete footings into the landscaping to secure the poles. The placing of the deck holes and the concentric design keep children from being able to lift the pool safety fence, and the mesh material offers no foothold for children who try to climb over.

Pool Safety Fence Features:Black Safety Net & Fence

  • Strongest 1″ powder coated extruded aluminum poles available
  • Vinyl coated polyester mesh material
  • Military grade webbing top and bottom
  • 4 lines of marine grade stitching top and bottom
  • Flush 1 ¼” mounting holes with molded inserts and caps
  • 14′ sections
  • Lifetime warranty


This sounds great! How do I get a quote for a removable pool safety fence for my swimming pool?

That’s easy. And free! Just click here for your free quote.