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Your swimming pool is meant for beauty, relaxation, and enjoyment. But it can also pose serious danger to children and pets. The good news is that with a pool safety net by Pool Leaf & Safety Covers, it doesn’t have to be.

Pool Leaf & Safety Covers’ pool safety nets provide the ultimate protection for your loved ones from the heart wrenching tragedy of accidental pool drownings. Drowning is the number one cause of death in children under the age of five, and it is estimated that thousands of family pets die in drowning accidents each year.

But no child has ever drowned
while a pool safety net by Pool Leaf & Safety Covers
was in place on the pool!

Riley on Safety Net 5 yrs oldAll of our swimming pool safety nets are custom fitted over the unique configuration of your pool. And with our easy on/easy off ratchet and roll-up system, pool owners are able to place and remove the net with little effort.

Our pool safety nets meet, and even beat, the highest standards of quality as required by ASTM F-1346-91(2010), giving you peace of mind so you can truly relax and enjoy your pool.

Pool safety net installations are only done by our fully trained technicians, and no contractors are ever used. The safety net material is a polyethylene weave featuring 3 1/2″ squares. ASTM F-1346-91 calls for 4″ or smaller squares, thereby protecting even the smallest child’s head from passing through, while at the same time discouraging children from playing on the net itself. The safety net material is certified to hold 485 pounds in the center without breaking, far exceeding any normal situation.

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